Chronicles Unleashed presents a kaleidoscope of perspectives, funny anecdotes, and food for thought. Whether fiction or non-fiction, it’s a weekly hearing you don’t want to miss.

Latest Episodes

Episode 23

Black Femicide

This week, Mrs. Donna Edwards appears as a guest on MyCistus Podcasts to address domestic violence, murder of Black women and the lack of self worth.

Chronicles Unleashed Podcasts

Episode 22

History in Black and White

This week, Chronicles Unleashed remembers courageous unsung heroes who used their white privilege to support human rights.

Chronicles Unleashed

Episode 21

Second Chances

This week, Chronicles Unleashed highlights people who made serious missteps. Should they be defined by their worse mistake? Do you believe in 2nd chances?

Episode 20

Conclusion of Bless Me Father For I Have Sinned

This week, we explore how Obadiah is faced with a dilemma while confession may have been good for his soul. 

Chronicles Unleashed Weekly Podcasts

Episode 19

Dead Presidents

What do Presidents Day and Black History month have in common? Reflection about past and present leaders. Chronicles Unleashed explores how a select group of dead presidents affected people of color.

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